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2 Speckled Trout Fishing Tips Every Fisherman Needs to Know

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2 Speckled Trout Fishing Tips Every Fisherman Needs to Know

I’m Chris Bush and I’m addicted to speckled trout fishing. Over the course of my life, the desire to pursue these fish has only intensified so much so that I now own and operate a site called Speckled Truth - a community dedicated to trout purist who empathize and share my passion.

I mention that solely because for the foreseeable future I’ll be writing a monthly column for Live Waist Deep, which is a brand ironically founded on the lifestyle with which I target my intended quarry – waist deep. So, since we’re on the subject of wade fishing, I’d like to discuss for my first entry why it’s so effective.

 2 Speckled Trout Fishing Tips Every Fisherman Needs to Know


Big trout, by nature, differ from their smaller relatives mainly because they’re a different fish anatomically than smaller “school” trout. When they reach inches in the mid twenties, they shift from the “strength in numbers” mindset to that of lone rangers. Bodies, now capable of resisting harsher environmental (water temp) and external predatory (Porpoises and birds of prey) conditions, they wonder onto flats to stalk larger finfish. Often times, this typically takes place in less than waist deep, often knee deep water, which places greater emphasis on stealth as an angler. One of the ways to achieve this is by avoiding hull slap and slammed hatches and simply hopping overboard.


Often I’m asked, “What’s your approach to targeting big trout?” In other words, how do you determine what to throw and when. Despite being able to write a doctorate thesis on such a topic, I typically respond with be confident, remain open minded and understand expectation management. Wade fishing, by its very nature, allows me to do all three. While I’m wading, I’m confident knowing that I’m fishing high potential water for a big bite. Bait presence is always a key factor in determining what areas to wade and once I make that decision - its often the shallower the higher potential. Wadefishing also allows me to be open minded. By simply having my feet on the surface floor I can have a better understanding of the contour and type of structure I’m fishing and adjust lure presentation according to tide and time of year. Lastly, expectation management. This is the hardest of the three because if you’re targeting big fish, bites are few and far between. I often advise other anglers that these fish aren’t the status quo, so our approach shouldn’t be status quo either. Throwing bigger baits (corkies and topwater) by virtue leave bites behind versus a jig which will produce a strike from any and everything. In other words, expect a lot of your cast to come up empty.

Here’s the silver lining though, fishing, especially wadefishing, for speckled trout is one of the most productive ways to catch that elusive monster. If you have any doubts, I encourage you to sift through a myriad of online articles like 3 Simple Tips for Artificial Bait Success and social media pages. Heck give Speckled Truth a try, and quickly you’ll realize that maybe there’s more to being waist deep than you initially thought.
I hope to spread the passion and joy of speckled trout fishing in the months to come, but until then remember to take what fish you need for a meal and release the rest to safeguard our fishery for many years to come.


Tight lines and God Bless everyone!



  • David Howard

    I would like to go Wade fishing with you I try a lot Front Beach and I do well sometimes but I know there’s different methods that I’m not using that I can learn from you let me know I’m game let me know something I’m game I’m retired

  • Jimmy Barnes

    I have had the pleasure of personally knowing Chris for several years now and have had the privilege of fishing with him on several occasions and even getting to make a couple of multiple day fishing trips with him. Chris was a great fisherman when we first met but has matured into a even better fisherman over the years with much more knowledge under his wading belt. He is will be a tremendous asset to Waist Deep. The guy can just flat out catch what he is after.

  • Andrew

    Hi Chris,thanks for the post. Maybe on your next post you could touch base a little on your mid-day approach on these fish,lures or live bait preference and do you stay on the flats or relocate?

  • Jesse Raley

    Hi Mike,
    We take the “to each his own” stance. Some people fish for sport, some fish for food…. Some do both! I personally release big females but take no issue with those who decide to keep them for the grease.

    Jesse Raley
    Waist Deep

  • MIKE

    What is your stance on what fish to keep or release. I’m 66 and have released in the last 50 years a lot of females up to 11 pounds. What your opinion?

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