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1. Match your baits to the water

A lot of the time bass fisherman are naturals with speckled trout, redfish, and flounder because of their ability to match their baits to the color of the water! For example, in clear dark water use dark baits such as smoke/silver glitter or purple/blue glitter. Murky water use avocado/red glitter or chartreuse/red glitter. Clear water use clear or mild colored baits such as moonlight/silver glitter or clear/firecracker glitter. If you have a partner put on different baits to increase your odds.


2. Fish with the tide and wind

Fish areas according to the conditions and work your bait with the tide and wind, your bait presentation will seem a lot more natural resulting in tricking those bigger and smarter fish. For example, if you have an east wind with a falling tide, approach from down current on the east side and cast up current to the west into your transition area (gullys, ledges, deep holes, oyster reefs, grass beds, points, mouths, banks, miscellaneous structures, etc.).


3. Move, move, move

Approach your transition areas with the right color baits, fish with the tide and wind, and if there is no action within 15-20 minutes move on to the next transition. Don’t get hung up on one certain spot as it can be on fire one afternoon and the next go cold. This will make you more able to adapt to any conditions while adding more “hot spots” to your arsenal.

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