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The "Hole in the Head" Speckled Trout Mystery

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The "Hole in the Head" Speckled Trout Mystery

So… this somewhat makes my skin crawl. What could have possibly caused a GIANT hole to form in this speckled trout’s head? Some sort of parasite? Maybe it was an injury inflicted from another fish that eventually became infected? Hell, this trout could have been abducted by aliens for all I know.

After reaching out to various marine research departments, no one could give us any sort of defined answer.

My initial concern was the possibility that this injury was the result of some new undocumented parasite. We reached out to the local Mississippi Department of Marine Research to let them know about the situation. My goal was to make them aware of the strange occurrence so they could begin documenting similar reports if more started to roll in. The last thing our speckled trout fishery needs is some new invasive species of super bug eating their brains…

As of today, no one I know has ever seen or heard of anything like this…. And I’ve literally asked hundreds of fishermen all along the coast.

My goal with this article is to start a conversation about the possible cause and hopefully find an answer. Hopefully through discussion and insight from anglers/biologists, the collective consciousness of the internet can determine an answer.

This fish was caught in Mississippi on June 12 2017 near the mouth of the Pascagoula River (east river). The fish was landed on a D.O.A. artificial bait being fished around some rock piles. The tide was falling and the skies were overcast. Other than that we don’t really have any other good info.

Let us know if you’ve ever encountered anything like this before. Tell us about your experience or give us your ideas in the comments section below this blog.

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Thanks… we look forward to hearing what you have to say!

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Jesse Raley
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  • swamp thang

    Heximatiasis fo sho…. not common in preditory fish… Mullet often have this in our area. we call it the hook hole.( applying to using cut bait while surf fishing.) However ive seen a similar hole caused by hooking a juvinile fish in the head and using it for bait.. for whatever reason the fish gets off the hook… angler thinks he got robbed and tge fish lives with a huge scar behind the dorsal or in the face ,nose ect. and its a hole…. never saw it in a preditor / game fish except flounder…. giggers will leave a couple holes and sometomes the fish lives…. croaker ,mullet.. even carp and gar grom the bow fishers…. last year i caught a carp in the cast net living and thriving with an arrow in it…. nature is awsome. cool pic

  • MG

    Is this the only trout you have caught like this or the first you are documenting? I will keep my eye out around savannah ga on the east coast

  • Tommy

    I wonder if it could be some form of hexamitiasis. It’s also referred to as hole in the head disease. Both salt and freshwater fish can suffer from it, but I’ve only ever seen it in aquarium fish. Just something to consider. Thanks.

  • Walker

  • Andrew Schoenfeld

    Possibly the hole is from the fish Escaping from the clutches of a hungry bird’s talons.

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