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Cool Blue Coozie

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Before expensive stainless cups and tumblers were a thing, we we’re forced to live like cavemen. We had to rely on coozies to keep our beverages cold and our hands comfortable. Everyone had their favorite coozie. The one they would fold up and keep in their back pocket. The one just waiting to make its way onto your favorite beverage to keep the drink cold and your hand comfortably cool. This was the coozie you dreaded losing. We all had one!

Keep your drink cold the old-fashioned way…. with one of our neoprene drink coozies. These are the good coozies, not the el-cheapo foam versions that come apart or tear up after a few cold drinks start to flow. Made with high quality neoprene and real stitching on the sides (not glue) this is sure to be your new favorite cold drink insulating device!